Plays by Stacey Lane

Friday, June 12, 2015

“Shelter Skelter”, “Itch This” and “Peek” play in Ohio

On June 12, the Actors' Theatre of Columbus performs Shelter Skelter, Itch This and Peek at the Columbus Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio. In Shelter Skelter, a short play for two female actors and one male actor, a lonely woman finds that her recently deceased cat is not ready to be replaced by a kitten. In Itch This, a comedy for a man and a woman, a sweaty jogger asks an uptight stranger to scratch his back. In Peek, a short comedy for one male and one female, a man is tempted by a persuasive present to sneak a peek under her wrappings. For more information about the festival, visit To preview these short scripts that are well-suited for class exercises, contact or go to
Diana Dailey, Matt Barach and Tina Shreck in Shelter Skelter. Directed by Andy Falter.

Chris Colgan and Chloe Beck in Itch This. Directed by Andy Falter.

Mike Ream and Tina Shriek in Peek. Directed by Andy Falter.