Plays by Stacey Lane

Monday, June 30, 2014

“Big Top Flop” premieres in North Dakota

Youth Education on Stage presents Big Top Flop as part of SUMMER SHORTS: 'You've Got A Friend' running June 30th through July 1st in Williston, North Dakota.  In this ten-minute comedy for a medium-sized cast of child actors, silly circus clowns forget to think about their fellow performers when they prepare for the greatest trick in the history of history.  For more about this production, go to  Youth Education On Stage's Facebook Page. Visit or contact the writer at to get a perusal copy of Big Top Flop.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

"The Author's Autopsy" opens in Scotland

Solas Festival presents The Author's Autopsy on June 22nd in Glasgow, Scotland.  In this short play for two actors of either gender, coroners sift through the creative remains of a struggling writer. For more information about this multi-disciplinary arts festival and this production visit  To preview this script, contact the playwright directly at or go to

Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Snow Queen" plays in Ohio

The Human Race Theatre Company's Summer Stock Kids performs Snow Queen on June 21st at the Caryl D. Philips Creativity Center in Dayton, Ohio. In this sixty-minute play with a large flexible cast of many lead roles for girls, little Gerda discovers her bravery and self-worth when she goes on a journey to rescue her cousin from the Snow Queen's chilly curse.  For production information, go to Visit or contact for this and other available plays for children, families, teens and adults.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"The Hundred Dollar Hug" plays in Canada

On June 19th, The Hundred Dollar Hug will be performed at Drama 20/30 at St. Peter the Apostle in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.  In this five-minute male monologue, an attention-starved man challenges his audience to put a price tag on platonic physical affection. To request a copy of this monologue for performance, class or audition use, contact To learn more about the playwright and her other available scripts for adults, teens and children, go to

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Shelter Skelter", "The Unwelcome Mat" and “The Author's Autopsy" play in NYC

Playsmiths presents Flashfest on June 15th at the Manhattan Theatre Club on West 43rd Street in New York, New York.  Flashfest consists of one-minute plays, monologues, flash fiction, hint fiction and poetry. Included in this fast-paced evening of entertainment are Stacey Lane’s plays Shelter Skelter, The Unwelcome Mat and The Author's Autopsy. In Shelter Skelter, a woman visits an animal shelter to pick out a kitten, but the ghost of her recently deceased cat interrupts and is not ready to be replaced. In The Unwelcome Mat, while a young lady waits for her date to answer his door, she strikes up a conversation with his bitter doormat who knows too much. In The Author's Autopsy, coroners try to figure out the cause of a writer’s untimely demise. For more about the show, go to For tickets, visit Go to or e-mail to read these short scripts with small casts and learn more about the author.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whoopee Magazine publishes "The Hundred Dollar Hug"

The Hundred Dollar Hug appears in Whoopee Magazine’s inaugural issue. Whoopee Magazine is a bi-annual print publication that celebrates and investigates relationships, gender, sex and sexuality. In The Hundred Dollar Hug, a male monologue, a man desperate for the healing power of the human touch offers to pay someone—anyone—to give him a hug. Come celebrate the release of Whoopee Magazine on June 15th at Splitty in Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York. Visit Whoopee Magazine's Facebook Event Page for more information about the magazine and the release party. To buy the magazine, go to Whoopee Magazine's Etsy Shop. To get a copy of this monologue to use in auditions, class or production or to learn about Stacey Lane’s other scripts, go to or contact the playwright directly at

Friday, June 13, 2014

"Cold" opens in New York

Cold plays at Gi60 #NextGen, a one-minute play festival for young performers. The show takes place on June 13th at the Tantrum Theatre in the Acting Out! Studio and on June 14th at the New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. In Cold, a short comedy for one male and one female, a doting teen licks his girlfriend’s phone, so that he can catch her cold and end her self-imposed quarantine. Go to for production information. For a complete listing of Stacey Lane’s available plays, visit or contact

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Shoebox" plays in New York


Gi60 2014 Live US 10th Anniversary Edition celebrates a decade of Screaming Media Productions presenting one-minute plays with a remounting of Shoebox and other favorites. The show runs June 12th through 14th at the New Workshop Theater at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. In Shoebox, a short play with extremely flexible casting, a woman’s life is tracked through the cards she received to celebrate life’s special occasions and milestones. For more information about the production, go to  For tickets, please visit or call 718-951-4500. Go to or e-mail to preview the script or find out more about Stacey Lane’s other plays.

Cristina Pitter, Sabrina Cataudella, Vera Khodasevich, Chris Donovan, Walter Petryk, Eugene Solfanelli, Joan Lunoe, Heather Zoll, Mickey Ryan, Samantha Fontana, Schylar Westbrook, Ana Bell, Sergio Mauritz Ang and Julie Orkis in Shoebox. Directed by Rose Burnett Bonczek.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Snow Queen" opens in Colorado

Snow Queen plays June 10th through June 26th at Aurora Little Foxes in Aurora, Colorado.  Based on the same classic fairytale as Disney's Frozen, Snow Queen is a story about the enduring bond of true friendship and how one person can change the world. The Snow Queen places a spell that makes people only see the bad around them. When her cousin falls under the curse, Gerda goes on an adventure to save him. Along the way, she teams up with talking flowers and animals, a princess and even a band of robbers. Once at the castle, Gerda uses everything she has learned on her journey to release Kay from the evil spell. For production information, visit To preview this large cast sixty-minute comedy that is well-suited for camp, school and children’s theatre productions, go to or

Photos courtesy of A&J Photography and The Aurora Fox.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"The Hundred Dollar Hug" opens in Michigan

Fancy Pants Theatre presents Lotsa Little Gay Things: The Best of Gayla on June 8th in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Included in this collection of favorites from their yearly celebration of LGBT theatre is Stacey Lane's The Hundred Dollar Hug. In this five-minute monologue for a male performer of any age and ethnicity, a lonely guy offers a hundred bucks to anyone who will let him feel the fleeting joy of brief human contact.  For more about the performance, please visit To preview the monologue or request usage for auditions or production, contact or go to