Plays by Stacey Lane

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Shelter Skelter", "The Unwelcome Mat" and “The Author's Autopsy" play in NYC

Playsmiths presents Flashfest on June 15th at the Manhattan Theatre Club on West 43rd Street in New York, New York.  Flashfest consists of one-minute plays, monologues, flash fiction, hint fiction and poetry. Included in this fast-paced evening of entertainment are Stacey Lane’s plays Shelter Skelter, The Unwelcome Mat and The Author's Autopsy. In Shelter Skelter, a woman visits an animal shelter to pick out a kitten, but the ghost of her recently deceased cat interrupts and is not ready to be replaced. In The Unwelcome Mat, while a young lady waits for her date to answer his door, she strikes up a conversation with his bitter doormat who knows too much. In The Author's Autopsy, coroners try to figure out the cause of a writer’s untimely demise. For more about the show, go to For tickets, visit Go to or e-mail to read these short scripts with small casts and learn more about the author.