Plays by Stacey Lane

Thursday, February 19, 2015

“Tummy Tirade” and “Pulse” play in Texas

Boiling Point Players present "Fight Night" featuring Tummy Tirade and Pulse on February 19 in Houston, Texas. In Tummy Tirade, a short comedy for one female actor and one voice-over actor, a woman on a diet gets in an argument with her demanding stomach.  In Pulse, a monologue for a woman of any age and ethnicity, an actress’s patience is pushed to the breaking point when a rude audience member’s ringing phone distracts from her soulful performance. For more information about this exciting new female-centric theatre company, visit To preview these scripts or learn more about other works by Stacey Lane, please go to or contact the writer directly at

Amy Pope in Tummy Tirade. Photo by Ruth S McCleskey.
Bailey Hampton in Pulse.  Photo by Ruth S McCleskey.