Plays by Stacey Lane

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

“Kissing Boo Boos” opens in Canada

Knox Theatre Collective and Urban Stories Theatre present Kissing Boo Boos as part of “Just Acts Play Festival 2015: Examining Power”. The show runs February 10 through 15 in Alberta, Canada.  In Kissing Boo Boos, a child cries over a scraped knee. With no parent in sight, the child is comforted by a male passerby. The mother rushes over and is distrustful of the strange man holding her kid. The same scene plays out again, but this time the Good Samaritan is a woman. The mother is thankful that the kind lady helped out. This five-minute play explores the hypocrisy of gender roles in childcare. For production information, visit or For a perusal copy of the play and permission to perform the piece, please go to or e-mail