Plays by Stacey Lane

Saturday, May 13, 2017

“Blue Giraffe” premieres in England

Blue Giraffe is having its world premiere on May 13 at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. In this short two-hander comedic script, a couple attempts to evaluate a piece of artwork with sensitivity and intelligence, but they cannot figure out what it means or even what it is supposed to be. At the end, the artwork is revealed to be their child’s drawing on the refrigerator. Blue Giraffe is being performed as part of Gone in 60 Seconds’ One Minute Play Festival, an international festival with shows also in New York and New Zealand. At the event, they will be selling One Minute Plays: A practical Guide to Tiny Theatre by Steve Ansell and Rose Bonczek, published by Routledge. This book includes Stacey Lane’s short plays Shoebox and The UnWelcome Mat. To learn more about Gi60, visit or To request a copy of Blue Giraffe or for more about Stacey Lane’s short, ten-minute, one-act, and full-length plays, contact or go to