Plays by Stacey Lane

Friday, September 2, 2016

Brooklyn Publishers releases “Lucas Dreaming”

Lucas Dreaming, a ten-minute play for two male actors of any age, has just been published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Set inside the troubled mind of an insomniac, this experimental script explores the psychological landscape of that unsettling place between awake and asleep. A tired, but restless Lucas tries to lull himself to dreamland with relaxation exercises. The personification of Lucas’s racing thoughts appears. He desperately pleads for Lucas to stay awake to avoid the beasts that feast that are waiting in his dreams. Succumbing to exhaustion, Lucas leaves his subconscious self to do battle alone in his nightmare world. This surreal play allows for maximal creative interpretation and has no technical requirements, making it well-suited for Forensic Competitions and Speech and Debate. Brooklyn had previously published a version of this play with a cast of two female actors titled Lucy Dreaming. To order your copy and get production rights, visit or call 1-888-473-8521. For other works by Stacey Lane, go to or contact the playwright directly at