Plays by Stacey Lane

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Infinity Stage, Sound, and Film publishes “Rainbow Sprinkles”

Rainbow Sprinkles has just been published by Infinity Stage, Sound, and Film. In this ten-minute, comedic two-hander, an easily offended mother struggles to find suitable entertainment for her ten-year-old’s birthday party. You may view the beginning of the play for free at, as well as order a copy of the script and apply for production rights. Go to or e-mail for other scripts by Stacey Lane.

Rainbow Sprinkles at the Absolu Theatre in Montreal, Canada. (2012)

Nikki Weinfurtner and Katy Conley in Rainbow Sprinkles at Mercury Players Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin.  Directed by Molly Vanderlin.  Photographer: Colm McCarthy. (2010)