Plays by Stacey Lane

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“Kissing Boo Boos” plays in Texas

As part of Cone Man Running’s “Five Minute Mile” play festival, Kissing Boo Boos is being performed at the Queensbury Theatre in Houston, Texas. The show runs December 9 through December 19. In Kissing Boo Boos, a crying child is comforted by a stranger. Will the mother fear foul play or be grateful for the help? For more about this unique take on a new play festival, visit or Go to or e-mail to preview this script and other new works by Stacey Lane.

Cindy Lou Parker, Mai Le, and Melanie Ernestina Burke in Kissing Boo Boos. Directed by Christine Weems and Lauren Hainley. Photographer: Christine Weems.