Plays by Stacey Lane

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seraphemera Books publishes "The Author’s Autopsy"

Released today! Garbanzo Literary Journal, a publication of Seraphemera Books, features its first play- Stacey Lane’s The Author’s Autopsy - along with an eclectic collection of works from forty other authors. In The Author’s Autopsy, experts weigh in on what caused a struggling writer’s untimely demise. Garbanzo Literary Journal is truly unique, as each limited edition book is hand-made and individually numbered. Not only are the pages of the book chocked full of literary artistic achievements, but the book itself is a piece of artwork. To learn more about this innovative publisher or to get your hand-crafted book, visit or Garbanzo's Facebook Page. For production rights for The Author’s Autopsy or for more information about Stacey Lane’s other available scripts, go to or contact the playwright directly at