Plays by Stacey Lane

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brooklyn Publishers releases “My Dog Ate the Constitution”

My Dog Ate the Constitution has been published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Studying for a test on the U.S. Constitution is boring enough to make you fall asleep! In this hour-long audience-participation adventure, a young girl does just that and is surprised to meet George Washington and Ben Franklin in her dreams. Even more surprising is that her dog is now wearing a powdered wig and claiming to be James Madison. During her nocturnal romp, she also meets the Articles of Confederation, the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, the Great Compromise, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Bill of Rights and other colorful characters who not only help her learn the facts for her upcoming test, but instill her with a new-found responsibility for standing up for what is right. My Dog Ate the Constitution has flexible casting and utilizes songs and games to teach elementary school students curriculum-based U.S. History in a memorable and interactive manner. A reading or performance of My Dog Ate the Constitution is a perfect way for your school to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th. To buy a copy of the script, obtain production rights or learn more about the play, go to or call 1-888-473-8521. For more information on the playwright and her other available works, go to or e-mail