Plays by Stacey Lane

Friday, May 31, 2013

"Story Stew: A Fairy Tale Revue" performed in Canada

Vincent Massey Elementary School in St. Andrews, Canada presents Story Stew: A Fairy Tale Revue on May 31st and June 1st. In this large-cast sixty-minute comedy for children, the old woman who lived in a shoe has so many children, she doesn't know what to do.  As if trying to feed her large family of beloved fairy tale characters isn't hard enough, a big bad wolf blows down their house.  The kids- Jack, Jill, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Hansel, Gretel and Mary- venture into the forest to find a new home or at least a snack. With the help of a witch with a pension for gingerbread, the family takes up residence in a giant's lost shoe.  To preview the first twenty pages of the play, purchase a script, or get production rights, go to Dramatic Publishing. For more information about the playwright and her other available plays, please visit or