Plays by Stacey Lane

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Trappings" premieres in Philadelphia

The world premiere of Trappings runs September 8th through 17th at the Actor's Center in Philadelphia. Produced by Crack the Glass Theatre Company, this full-length play questions the manufacturing of the illusion of the American dream and the desperate and bitterly comical lengths that individuals will go through to try to achieve it or at least make those around them believe they have. In Trappings, Meredith Mull and Midge Mobley, an awkward pair of M&M munching reclusive childhood best friends, call upon the assistance of the flamboyant Drina Dynasty and her self-made business, “A New You”, to create new and improved identities for them for their approaching ten year high school reunion. For more information about the show, contact To purchase tickets, visit  To sample this script or others by Stacey Lane, go to or e-mail

Laura Murphy in Trappings.